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In the estimated 80's, it became "American Navy Side Gore Boots".

It is a masterpiece that no longer needs to be explained.

Speaking of the US Navy, service shoes are famous, but this is also highly recommended.

Although the number of balls is smaller than the service shoes, small individuals have less ball number and rare.

A versatile pair that has a more presence than service shoes and can be worn casually or formally.

The design is simple, and it uses strong leather, so it can be worn for a long time and the cost performance is outstanding.

You can wear it with confidence because it is a military specification.

Because it is a basic item, I want to keep one pair.

There are small scratches overall, but I think that it is a beautiful individual even considering the age.

There is no leather crack, so you can still wear it.

If you are looking for it, why not take this opportunity?


[Size details]

Notation 7 D

Outsole total length 29.5cm

Outsole width 10.5cm

* Please note some errors.




* There are small scratches overall.


[Returns and exchanges]

Due to the characteristics of the vintage, we are not allowed to return or exchange.
Be sure to check before your order and contact us if you have any concerns.
Damage and aging damage is not subject to defective or returned goods.
In addition, the color may be different from the real thing, but it is not returned to return.
Even if the size does not match or the image, it is not eligible for returned goods due to customer reasons.
Please purchase only for those who understand.

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