[~ 40's] French Vintage Double Breasted Suits Set Up "Belle JARDINIERE"


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Estimated 40s,Made by Belle JARDINIIEREIt will be "Double Brest Suit Setup".

It is the arrival of special items.

Many people know if you like French vintage,Belle JARDINIIERE (Beljardiniere) is an individual.
It is a rare item with few opportunities to appear on the market regardless of age or condition.

Belle Jardiniere is a long -established department store in France, which is said to be the oldest department store in the world founded in 1824.
Good quality men's clothing and workwear are supported by a wide range of people, and the quality of the quality is the best in French vintage, as there are collectors around the world that are fascinated by the beauty of tailoring.

This item introduced this time is one of them.
This is the first arrival of the suit setup.

It is a large lapel color with a double -blest specification, and if you look closely, it is made in two types, a fine hound toe pattern and a check pattern, so it is a rare color scheme.
The color scheme of just the right salt plum, which looks casual enough to look like a single color navy color at first glance.

The base is a navy color, so you can wear it without choosing an item to match.

It will be set up a suit, so it is one of the few vintage items that can be used in formal scenes.
It is an item that will definitely be used not only for the setup, but also for each separate, so if you keep it, the range of styling will be expanded.

Although it contains a little thin shoulder pad, it can be worn without so much shoulder, so even those who are not good can wear it without any problems.

I think that both jacket and bottoms are golden size that matches the Japanese body type, so I think that you can wear it in a wide range of body types.

Although there is a feeling of use such as small holes, there is no major damage to wear, so you can still wear it.

Rarely on the market,A rare first place made by Belle JARDINIIERE.
I don't think there is a chance to see it, so if you are looking for it, why not take this opportunity?


[Size details]

・ Jacket

Length 78cm

Shoulder width 48.5cm

Width 55cm

Sleeve length 59.5cm


・ Bottoms

Waist ~ 85cm

Rise 31cm

Inseam 73cm

Thigh width 30cm

Hem width 

* Please note some errors.




* There are small holes and buttons.


[Wearing feeling]

Model body: 165cm 50kg


[Returns and exchanges]

Due to the characteristics of the vintage, we are not allowed to return or exchange.

Be sure to check before your order and contact us if you have any concerns.
Damage and aging damage is not subject to defective or returned goods.
In addition, the color may be different from the real thing, but it is not returned to return.
Even if the size does not match or the image, it is not eligible for returned goods due to customer reasons.
Please purchase only for those who understand.


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