[~ 30's] French Vintage "La France Travaille" Ⅰ & Ⅱ Set


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It will be "La France Travairle édition des Horizons de France French Workers" published from 1931 to 1934 in France.

It is the arrival of special items.

There is no difference in the content because the ones issued in 15 volumes are condensed into two books.

A book that is indispensable in talking about French vintage.

Each volume contains a record photo of French workers.
The photographs of the photographer "Francois Kollar" are well captured by the workers at the time, and they are full of realism.

Since it will be a vintage book, there are scratches and dirt due to aging, but the condition is good overall.

It is also recommended to decorate it as an interior.

This is a book you want to have for old clothes because you can see the work and workwear at that time.

It is a very rare item, so if you are looking for it, how about this opportunity?


【set content】

1. mineurs (coal mine)
2. Les Metiers Du Fer (steel industry)
3. Mariniers et Bateliers, GENS DE MER
4. GENS DE MER, La Vie des Phares
6. L'Automobile, L'Avion (car, airplane)
5. LE RAIL (railway)
7. AUX SourceS de L'Energie (source of energy, dam / power plant)
8. La Vie Paysanne, Vignerons (Farmer's Life, Wine Producer)
9. MARCHES ET Ravitaillement des Villes, Forestiers et Bucherons, Fleurs et Parfums
10. Tisserands et Filateurs, Canuts, Tapisseries
11. Couture et Mode (Couture and Mode)
12. Verriers et Ceramistes (glass and ceramic)
13. LE BATIMENT (building)
14. Fabriques a Papier, Metiers Du Livre (paper, bookbinding)
15. JOURNAUX, BIBLIOTHEQUES, LABORATOIRES (newspaper, library, laboratory)

[Size details]

33cm long

25.5cm wide

Thickness 4cm

* Please note some errors.




* There are scratches, dirt, tears, etc. (no major damage)


[Returns and exchanges]

Due to the characteristics of the vintage, we are not allowed to return or exchange.
Be sure to check before your order and contact us if you have any concerns.
Damage and aging damage is not subject to defective or returned goods.
In addition, the color may be different from the real thing, but it is not returned to return.
Even if the size does not match or the image, it is not eligible for returned goods due to customer reasons.
Please purchase only for those who understand.

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