[~ 50's] Swedish Army M39 Trousers "Dead Stock"


Tax included.

In the estimated 1950s, it became the Swedish Army M39 pants.

Isn't there a small number of balls and many people first look?

It will be in stock at the dead stock.

A characteristic detail that has a large pocket with a flap in front.

The silhouette is a little tapered, so you can wear it neatly without being too wild.

The hem has an adjuster so you can squeeze it.

The color is a rare gray for military bread, and it is good that it is easy to match.

If you look for it, it's an unexpected item, so if you are looking for it, why not take this opportunity?


[Size details]

Waist 76cm

Rise 35cm

inseam 75cm

Thigh width 30cm

Hem width 21cm





[Returns and exchanges]

Due to the characteristics of the vintage, we are not allowed to return or exchange.
Be sure to check before your order and contact us if you have any concerns.
Damage and aging damage is not subject to defective or returned goods.
In addition, the color may be different from the real thing, but it is not returned to return.
Even if the size does not match or the image, it is not eligible for returned goods due to customer reasons.
Please purchase only for those who understand.

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